Welcome to Gateway Games!

Welcome to Gateway Games!


Located on the Isle of Eternal Rain, also known as Ketchikan, Alaska.

Our goal is to develop the gaming community and provide a place for us to play the games we want to play.

We specialize in human-interactive games.  We are especially fond of Roleplaying games (Pathfinder, Fate, Savage Worlds,  and Dungeons & Dragons), Collectible Card Games (Magic the Gathering, Kaijudo,  and YuGiOh!), Non-Collectible Card Games (Talisman, Descent, Ascension), Boardgames (The Resistance, Puerto Rico, and Risk), and Miniatures and Wargaming (WARHAMMER, WARHAMMER 40K, Reaper), and all the Accessories that go with them.

We are on Summer Hours.

Monday through Saturday


Come down and chuck some dice or flop a few cards!

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